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Who We Serve

Business owners that earn $250,000 or more

Business owners that want to sell the highly appreciated assets, including their businesses without the worry of paying capital gain taxes.

Anyone, business owner or not that has a net worth of $2,000,000, not including property.

Anyone paying more than $50,000 in federal income taxes.


By utilizing highly advanced IRS-approved savings plans, tax-advantaged trusts, and gifts to charities, Our partners at The Free Group are experienced in accounting and actuarial design and can custom-tailor the right plan for each client.

“We have a Unique Value Proposition that greatly improves the financial state of business owners and families. Our mastermind group uses unique tax strategies that you won’t find on main street, which makes our group highly sought after across the country by CPA’s and financial professionals to better serve their high net-worth clients. We strategically customize financial strategies that most are not even aware of. In turn our clients can usually see an exponential increase in their cash flow, net worth, and wealth to heirs!”

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